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About AsiaBizCo

AsiaBizCo, LLC (ABC) was established in 2001 to offer training, marketing and consulting services for businesses to succeed in cross Pacific ventures. Located in Silicon Valley , ABC works with High Tech companies and organizations to promote business relationships between US, Japan and the Greater China . Our mission is to create trust and opportunities for our clients across the Pacific .

AsiaBizCo, LLC

The "Co" in AsiaBizCo, stands for Connections. This is the underlying principle for our existence - to facilitate the connections between people and businesses, to build bridges where there were none. As a result, you will open new markets and expand existing revenue sources in China and Japan, through partnerships, licensing agreement, distributorships, and other investment strategies. Our business scope is geographically focused between US, Greater China and Japan.

How We Work

We work with only a small select group of companies. The companies are selected, not just based on financial's and the markets they serve, but also on the principles and philosophy that aligned with the vision.

Once brought on, we become your ally. Weaving between the roles of partners, strong advocate, and outside observer, we will position your, your company and your products for the best impression in cross Pacific relationship building.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to produce tangible results for you. This usually will be an agreement or contract between you and an Asian company. To this end, we will utilize not only our own resources, but resources of our partners and affiliates.

Our Promise

We will put your needs above our own. We have advised many companies to work with other agencies, when doing so is in their best interest. We will be honest and direct in our assessment of you and ourselves.

Our Team & Our Story

The way we came together as a AsiaBizCo Team is an interesting story. It shows that we are not just another consulting company… it's an extension of what we believe in and how we want to shape our environment and the world with what we do.

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