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The underlying need for specialized agent like AsiaBizCo in strategic international business development shows up in may shapes and forms. Perhaps you can identify with one of the examples below?

Mark's Headache

It is Sunday night, 11:48 pm, and Mark is still tossing and turning, couldn't fall asleep. The board meeting is in less than 9 hours. Recalling the slick Power Point charts, his stomach was all in knots. "Where is the growth?" His focus blurs, as he ponders on the single digit growth numbers being projected for the next 5 years. The overall North America market is shrinking. Reflecting on more than 10 years of the company's history, his confidence is faltering. "Where can we grow?"…

Tony's Black Box time bomb

"What if my customers find out?" Tony was fighting his sweat from coming down. His anguish is clearly showing. Holding the two very identical looking "black box" in his hand, he wonders how long before his customers would discover what he just did, that these two boxes function basically the same. One sells for $70, another one at $15. Unfortunately, the one sells for $75 is made by his company and the other one is made in Taiwan. "How am I going to compete with this?"

John's Unmoving Success

John is an experienced international marketing manager who had a fabulous track record in his previous hi-tech company's European division. He is now heading up this start-up company with cutting edge technology. He makes his first trip to Japan, which obviously is the largest market in this part of the world.

As usual, he brought his high impact presentations which clearly showed all the advantages of using his product. The presentation went very well, with all managers in the Japanese company nodding their heads and John heard them saying yes many times. The trip was considered a success.

Three months past, six months past, things were still unmoving… When asked, the Japanese side would say "We need more time to study". John was getting desperate. His investors and boards are asking John to show more revenue growth, and he doesn't know how to unstuck the Japan story. "What went wrong?" he thought.

These are but a small sample of the kind of challenges executives face every day. Being able to build trust in global relationships will alleviate and minimize the impact of the problems like these. Being able to create trust in global relationships will bring you the opportunity you need. That's where we bring our value to you by creating trust and position your company for successful dealings in Asia.

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