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Case Study:

A Technical and Marketing Bridge Connecting US and Asia

Triteck grew from a successful consulting project with Seiko Instrucment Inc's Printek division. Today, Triteck is the only authorized distributor of Seiko Instrucment Inc. (SII) Printek piezo printhead in North America.

Here is the most recent announcement from our customer efi-Vutek, which incorporated the Seiko printhead into Vutek's QS2000 and QS3200 wide format printer series.

The Seiko printhead has been incorporated in Roland's AdvancedJet AJ-1000, just released in Q1 2006. AJ-1000 is a high speed grand format printer. To find out more about AJ-1000, visit Roland at

The Japanese printer manufacturer Kishu's HQ500 printer also incorporates the SII Printek's JetT510 series printhead. HQ500 is being used in coding and marking applications.

Find out how the JetT510 series printhead can double the printing speed of your printer for less.

Going to China? Make it more productive and fun at

You can find discounted hotel rooms, China themed e-greeting cards, and stay connected with your family back home via free text messaging service. It's a site that's dedicated to the China bound road warriors.

Discounted Accomendations:

These accomendations are not your usual hotel rooms. These are apartments, yes, apartment living in China, rented by day, serviced like hotels, at huge savings compared to hotels. Begin enjoying spacious, comfortable, and efficient short-term living in China today.

Stay connected with your colleagues and loved ones:

Get important messages delivered to your mobile phone no matter where you are in China, even while you are asleep. Best of all, it's free! Test drive it today.

Past Events:

China Life Sciences Summit
Beijing, China
July 27th - 28th, 2006

Face to Face wtih China's IT Executives - Jan. 13th & 14th, 2005

A US Embassy-led IT industry executives from China made a stop at the Silicon Valley on Jan. 13th and 14th, 2005. ABC was honored to rganize a program that facilitated face to face meetings and information exchange between the delegation and local Silicon Valley executives.

Find out the US opportunities in China.

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