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Case Studies


The case studies presented here are all real-world situations where ABC played a major role. Of course, the company names are fictitious, to ensure privacy.

Silicon Valley Start-Up Faces Up To Giant Japanese Conglomerate

QQB is a small start-up Silicon Valley Company. They are a world leader in high tech OEM subsystem industry, and are well known for its talented engineering team.

This attracted a giant Japanese company Sato Inc. and a business relationship was established to jointly develop products for the global market.

All goes well for a few years, until, one day, the Japanese customer pays a visit to the QQB in Silicon Valley …


US health food marketer finds supplier/partner in China .


World Famous Japanese company finds strategy in US Entry

SPLL is a division of world famous precision manufacturer of consumer goods in Japan . In the recent years, they have perfected a highly precise manufacturing method for a very expensive major component used in industrial printers. Initially only focused on Japan domestic market, in order to really make the business viable, they needed to deploy a global marketing strategy. Although other product divisions within the enterprise has office set up in the USA , since the resources are already stretched tightly, for SPLL, it meant to find its own resources if they really wanted to enter the US market.




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