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Based in the San Francisco bay area, the core team of AsiaBizCo is actively engaged in the local business community, both with US and Asian focus. We create and build strategic alliances and partnerships. We work with a network of industry specialists and corporate partners in US, Japan and China. We then build virtual teams on a project basis to provide industry specific, country-specific in-depth services to facilitate successful business.

Founder, President and Principal Consultant

Michael Chu



"Michael Chu helped us save a project we jointly developed with a Silicon Valley company. Our relationship with them was rocky at best…But Michael has worked hard…to deliver both an excellent product and improved company relationship."

HA, Project Manager, Canon

"I had the pleasure of working with Chu-san for an extend amount of time and quite impressed with what he has brought to the business relationship between the 2 companies. Our faith grew when we found out that he was able to direct the project to complete almost 3 months before our expected schedule! This has never happened before and we started to bring more business under his care."

EA, Group Manager, 1 of top 3 Japanese copier manufacturers

"We are very pleased with Mr. Michael Chu helping us North America. He not only understands US business culture, but also communicates with us fluently in Japanese and advises us on what strategy to deploy with the US customer base. I don't think we could have done better in our choice of an US agent."

G. Ichikawa, Global Marketing Manager, SII Printek Inc.

"Michael and I go way back, when I was assigned to localize a US product for introduction in Japan . Michael managed the process and gave me a lot of help, without which I don't think the project would have finished on time and I may not have survived the hardship"

Yuuki Endou, Assistant Engineering Manager, Sony Ericcson

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